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product development

1. We provide your own original products.
2. Small lots are available.
3. Supports overseas export. Multilingual support is possible.
4. Firm support until after-sales follow-up.

Flow 1

Contact us by phone, email or LINE / Whatsapp.


We will listen to the customer's request.
We will answer any questions or concerns.

After that, we will make a rough estimate.
Whether you are considering a budget or want an original tea with attention to detail,

please feel free to contact us first.

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Flow 2

Selection of tea leaves that match the image

We propose raw materials and combinations that match the concept desired by the customer.

  • Organic Matcha / Uji Matcha

  • Gyokuro, Sencha, Deep Steamed Sencha, Kabusecha, Roasted Tea, Genmaicha

  • Flavored tea

  • ​ Blended tea beverage

Others You can choose according to your needs.

* Samples can be provided


Flow 3

Package design decision


Selection of container / bag / BOX. You can choose your favorite package.
(* Package can be brought in)
Creating a label sticker (* We can design according to your request)


Flow 4

Formal quotation preparation


Flow 5

Completion / confirmation / commercialization

decision of sample product

Please check once after the sample product is completed, and after the commercialization is decided, you will be officially ordered.
* You can choose to manufacture the finished product from us or ship it separately with the label.


Flow 6

Waiting for delivery

We will deliver it to the designated place. Delivery times vary depending on product items, quantity, design, domestic and overseas conditions, so please contact us for details.

​ * Overseas shipping will be by basic DHL / EMS.

product 9 organic houjicha powde(5).jpg

Please contact us for more information

Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or SNS at any time.

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